Cindy Jane Child

What is Intentional Health?

Intentional Health is my vision of how to be involved in your health/life in a way that permits you to be the director of your life. Allowing you to make decisions that make sense to you.

To put it simply, Intentional Health is:

  • To keep track.
  • To pay attention.
  • To be aware. 
  • To learn what you do not know.
  • To be an active member in your health care
  • To refuse to give away your power.
  • To be your own investigator.
  • To be responsible for your life, your health, and your destiny.

Intentional Health is knowledge

The most integral part of my Intentional Health program is keeping track: Keeping track of symptoms, test results, treatments and medications. This ‘keeping track’ will give you an opportunity to work with your health care provider on witnessing changes, and treating problems as they unfold, as well as evaluating treatment outcomes. Keeping YOU involved in the process and in charge of the process.

I will teach you to a better way to witness your overall life and health. To track life events and patterns that could permit you to see the direction of your life - by looking at the path so far.

If you need some help, and/or an independent person you can trust to give you good advice…….I can be that person.